1. My dear friend Carla’s first baby.

    Little Rowan Simmons

    Photo’s: Elana Mullaly

  2. More photos of singer Hannah Macklin of MKO. Such a babe.

    Photo, makeup and styling by: Elana Mullaly

  3. I photographed Hannah and Steele from the band MKO for their upcoming tour this month. If you haven’t heard Hannah’s voice, prepare to be swooned.



  4. Little darling Rowan Simmons a few weeks later.

    Photo and styling: Elana Mullaly

  5. These are some photo’s I’ve taken of my friend Carla in the last week of her pregnancy. I’m really enjoying taking photo’s at the moment

  10. Acrylic on canvas

  11. Acrylic on canvas

  12. Dreaming Of Iceland

    2B pencil and acrylic on Arches satine

  13. Portrait of Zoe. Oil and aerosol on Canvas

  14. There Is Nothing New Except What Has Been Forgotten.

    Colour pencil, pastel and aerosol on brown paper.

  15. I’ve been busy painting for an upcoming exhibition on October 5th at Inch in Paddington, Brisbane with the always amazing photographer Callie Marshall……. we’ve been collaborating on some things too.